In this market, you gotta be a hot buyer. When we represent Sellers and offers come in, we scrutinize the offer and the Buyer. We look at how much cash they are bringing to the table. We talk to the loan officer, if their is a loan, and seek assurances that underwriting will not be an issue. We look at their living situation to assure there are not financial factors tied to a purchase. Our radar is on high. Sellers want the best unencumbered offer. A good agent really puts the offers through the press.

When we represent a Buyer, we know the level of scrutiny they are going to receive at time of purchase agreement. So, we fix them up ahead of time. We can also help them sweeten their loan terms up front which can save them a lot over the life of the loan. This article discusses credit scores as they relate to loan terms and how you can improve them.

Positioning you as a buyer can change your life. It can land you the property you most desire. We know that and do everything we can to position you for success.